Introduction to Python Programming

Python is an very versatile programming language. From scripts and controlling operating systems to high-end graphical data manipulation programs, Python offers a solution for almost any type of programming task, no matter how difficult. Python is portable to almost any platform, from cellphones to mainframes. It is an object-orientated open source programming language suitable for almost any task.

This course starts by introducing the student to the Python programming language, covering areas such as variables, comments, loops, conditional statements, etc. It then goes on to the fundamental building blocks that makes Python such a versatile language, like lists, tuples and dictionaries. The course then elaborates on the other structures within Python like functions, modules, packages and objects. The student gets a brief overview of object-oriented principles after which the course delves more deeply into the subject using Python.

The final modules introduce the student to the more advanced features of Python, from the built-in documentation system to the building of web applications. The course does not go into the advanced areas in depth, as these subjects will be covered further in other advanced Python courses provided by AgileWorks. Most of these modules merely introduce the student to the different areas in which Python can be applied.

Enterprise Building, The Innovation Hub, Pretoria

3 days

R5 000.00 (excl) per student, for the first 2 students

R4 000.00 (excl) per student, for other students booked on same course and order

Prior programming experience in another programming language is preferable. If you do not have any prior programming experience, please contact us in order for us to assess the situation.

Follow Ups
As can be seen from the description, AgileWorks offers other Python courses. Individual courses can be provided and tailored to your individual needs.

We provide advanced courses in Python GUI programming, Zope, Plone, Python/COM and various other topics. The duration of these courses are typically from one to three days depending on the course.

Course information

  • P101 – Introduction to Python
  • P102 – Python Fundamentals
  • P103 – Conditionals and Loops
  • PX01 – Python Development Tools and Environments
  • P104 – Numbers
  • P105 – Lists and Tuples
  • P106 – Functions, Modules and Packages
  • O101 – Introduction to Object Orientation
  • P107 – Object Orientated Python
  • P108 – Dictionaries
  • P109 – String Handling
  • P110 – Exceptions
  • P111 – File Handling
  • P112 – More on Collections and Sequences
  • P113 – More on Objects
  • PD01 – Introduction to documenting Python
  • P114 – Development and Maintenance in Python
  • P115 – Additional Python Facilities
  • PX02 – Sys Admin using Python
  • PW01 – Python and XML
  • H101 – HTML – Reminder
  • PW02 – The Web and Python
  • PG01 – Python and the GUI's
  • PX03 – Java and .NET
  • PX04 – Python and COM (An Introduction)
  • PZ01 – Now what (More uses)


Courses are are offered on the availability of students. If you are interested in taking this course please contact:





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