linux training is provided in south africa through openofficepro. we provide linux training by people who are actually working on linux systems and who have work experience in the linux training that they provide, thus giving you the edge on your linux training and education

 Linux Training

Linux is a completely free reimplementation of the POSIX specification, with SYSV and BSD extensions (which means it looks like Unix, but does not come from the same source code base), which is available in both source code and binary form.
Linux, per se, is only the kernel of the operating system, the part that controls hardware, manages files, separates processes, and so forth. There are several combinations of Linux with sets of utilities and applications to form a complete operating system. Each of these combinations is called a distribution of Linux. The word Linux, although in its strictest form refers specifically to the kernel, is also widely and correctly refered to as an entire operating system built around the Linux kernel.

Previous Operating System experience and/or an above average understanding of Microsoft Windows.

Course Details
Intoweb provides training by people who are actually in the field. You do not get lecturers whom have only read up on the topic, you get trained by people who are actually DOING the work as their core job.

Cost: R750-00 per person per day

Duration: 5 days

Courses are offered on the availability of students. If you are interested in taking this course please contact:

Table of contents

Linux installation, configuration and fundamentals

  • Basic Linux facts
  • Perform an actual Linux installation
  • Explore and understand configuration options
  • Using the terminal interface and SSH.
  • Basic commands
  • Editing files
  • Upgrading and Installing rpms
  • Webmin administration tool
  • Installing patches and keeping Linux up to date
  • (optional if time) Setting up modems

: Linux administration

  • Creating user accounts
  • Setting up email
  • Configuring DNS
  • Configuring FTP, Telnet, SSH daemons
  • Apache configuration
  • PHP configuration
  • Security rights and configuration
  • (optional if time) mySQL / PostgreSQL configuration
  • (optional if time) mySQL / PostgreSQL admin tool

Linux troubleshooting

  • Firewalling and blocking ports
  • Process monitoring, and fixing
  • Log files, proxy, security, webserver
  • Networking commands, traceroute, ping, dig, etc
  • Routing and networking
  • Anti-virus tools
  • Anti-spam tools



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